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One of the biggest things that people miss about ‘normal’ life is the chat and the craic with people from the surrounding community. Dinny Murphy and Cian Dalton are trying to bring some of that back in their new podcast series, ‘The Rathpeacon Pintcast’.

The lads have been chatting to some well-known figures around Rathpeacon G.A.A. and the surrounding community, including Louth legend Cormac O’Neill and Cian ‘Dimitar Berbatov’ Clifford!

Check out the episodes so far below!

Rathpeacon Pintcast

St. Patrick’s Day Special! Welcome to a special edition of the Rathpeacon Pintcast! Emmet Leahy and David Hennessy are well known around the club and area for being the ultimate messers, and we thought, for some reason, it would be a good idea to have them on the show together! It turned out to be…

O’Neills part two!

This week’s podcast is the second part of the hilarious O’Neills! Have a listen below to find out who the family think could have made county!

Rathpeacon Pintcast Episode 5!

This week’s episode was so much craic that we had to split it up into two parts! You know them well! They’ve served us hot whiskeys at the start of the long puc; you’ve heard them shout support from the banks of Rathpeacon and Ballinlough; and the two lads have stormed up the wings and…

Pintcast Episode 4!

Welcome to another episode of the Rathpeacon Pintcast! Each week, Dinny Murphy and Cian Dalton interview a member of the Rathpeacon G.A.A. community. This week, Mr. Rathpeacon himself is in the hot seat! Mick Buckley talked about playing and managing the club, the characters he played and managed with and the inclusivity he is trying…

Rathpeacon Pintcast Episode 3!

Delighted to present this weeks episode of The Rathpeacon Pintcast! Dinny Murphy and Cian Dalton interviewed two titans of Rathpeacon GAA. It’s clear that the lads have great respect for each other on and off the pitch and it was great to hear the stories of them linking up on the hurling field! So relax,…

Rathpeacon Pintcast – Episode 2

Here’s a little treat for ye all this weekend! The self-styled ‘Dimitar Berbatov’ of Rathpeacon hurling, Cian Clifford joined Dinny and Cormac O’Neill for a chat this week. All the way from Boston, Cian talks about his fond memories of playing with Rathpeacon, the big losses and wins of his career and his life in…

Rathpeacon Pintcast

It takes all sorts to make a G.A.A. club and we want to highlight some of the members to you all! Louth Legend Cormac O’Neill is managing the footballers this year as well as taking on the role of secretary of the club. He talked to club P.R.O. Cian Dalton and club legend in his…

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