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Shave(d) it Off!

The big shave finally happened! Seven of our club members shaved their heads for two worthy causes on Saturday the 17th of April and raised over 8 grand in the process!

Dinny, Cormac, Cian, Eamon, Dermot, Donal and Paul all shaved their lockdown cuts in aid of Blarney Meals on Wheels and Marymount Hospice.

You might have heard the podcast that the pintcast crew did with Brendan Murphy, secretary of Blarney Meals on Wheels.

The 8000 euro (and counting!) raised will be split between the two charities in a presentation in the coming weeks! Check out some of the post-shave looks below 😀

Our hurling back line has never looked tougher!
I wouldn’t like to be a wing-back facing Paul in the football!
Reports of Sean Dyche being at the pitch turned out to be Cian Dalton!
We weren’t fully sure if Dinny would turn up but he did and is now running Cork’s biggest crime syndicate. Say hello to Nidge Murphy!
Cormac will be looking tough on the sidelines managing the footballers this year.
Dermot will be proper aerodynamic for his ironman later in the year.
The Shave it Off posterboy doesn’t look too bad with the hair shaved!



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