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Shave it Off!

Have you been listening to the Rathpeacon Pintcasts? You might have heard that the pintcast crew and a few members of our Junior players are going to shave their head for charity!

Say goodbye to the lads’ luscious locks!

It all started with an off the cuff remark in one of the podcasts about our various lockdown cuts and especially Donal O’Neill’s! So, naturally, the lads are now going to shave their heads and donate any proceedings to two worthy causes: Marymount Hospice and Meals on Wheels!

So please go to the GoFundme page and donate if you wish! We are hoping to raise 5000 euro for these great causes and provide our community, other players and opponents later in the year a laugh at our expense! At least we’ll be the most aerodynamic team in the divison!

If you would like to become a part of this endeavour then head over to the official Pintcast website! You can check out the pintcasts also which have been really enjoyable to listen to!

I hope that ye are all staying safe in these trying times. We here at Rathpeacon GAA look forward to seeing you all out on the pitch in the summer, hair or no hair!

Cian Dalton, P.R.O.

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